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Harga Mesin Jahit Singer Curvy

Mesin Jahit Singer Curvy

Curvy adalah salah satu tipe mesin jahit singer yang paling canggih. Bayangkan saja tombol indikator lampu LED, teknologi Swift Smart yang bisa membuat pemasangan benang tidak hanya lebih mudah tapi juga lebih cepat. Berikut detail produknya.

Tipe Spesifikasi Singkat Harga

Singer 8770 Bisa 225 pola jahitan, teknologi LED dan Swift Smart, Bisa bordir 58 jenis huruf. Rp.6.000.000
Buat anda yang ingin membeli mesin jahit singer baiknya hati-hati karena sekarang banyak mesin jahit singer yang dijual di Indonesia bukan berasal dari produsennya di jepang melainkan telah dipalsukan. Telitilah dalam memberli.

Tabloid “Jokowi candidates Dolls” Circulation, PDI-P Board Collected

Addressing the People Torches circulation tabloid in a number of mosques in Pamekasan , East Java , administrators PDI - P Pamekasan mengunpulkan PAC board 13 PDIP a Pamekasan .

Muhammad Zaiful , Chairman of the DPC PDIP Pamekasan said PAC officials gathered to build the internal consolidation of the main bearer party related to the various kinds of negative issues that began to develop in the community , including the circulation tabloid containing the words ” Candidate Dolls ” and Jokowi picture on its front page .

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" Although there is no influence on the popularity of Jokowi , but we need to address consolidation tabloid containing the black campaign , " said Zaiful , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

Zaiful explained , the entire board of PAC PDI - P had a more solid when the smear campaign had entered the city and county as in Pamekasan . According to him , Pamekasan is the first place the circulation of the tabloid.

Nevertheless , there was a possibility that Zaiful tabloids or such publications will also be circulated in other areas .

" We will not flinch even though the opponent attacks with a black campaign . We believe that such measures will not have an impact . Precisely will be a boomerang for Jokowi political opponents , " he said .

Although it was only circulated tabloid tens of course , but Zaiful convey to the board of the PDI - P to remain aware. Moreover , the sender is still mysterious .

However, it hoped , it did not rise to the tabloids the next with the same content , in the form of a black campaign alone .


ICW: Vision Mission Jokowi-JK in Law Enforcement More Comprehensive

Indonesian Corruption Watch assess , in general the vision - mission pair presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla - more comprehensive than Prabowo pair - Hatta Rajasa in terms of law enforcement and public service quality .

" In connection with law enforcement and public service quality , in general friends had mentioned the vision - mission of JK Jokowi more comprehensive than Prabowo - Hatta , " said Coordinator of the Working Committee of the ICW , Ade Irawan in the discussion " Critical Notes over the Vision and Mission of 2014 Presidential Candidates " ICW Office , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) , as quoted by Antara .

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According to him, the vision and mission of both the presidential and vice presidential spouse about the same concerning the prevention and prosecution of corruption . Both states will reform the bureaucracy , public services , and promote transparent and accountable governance .

Related to the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) , Jokowi - JK emphasizes the independence of the Commission . Meanwhile , Prabowo - Hatta emphasized the addition of personnel investigator .

" Jokowi - JK write about political corruption . Corruption where actors are politicians in the parliament or the executive , one of which political party funding . Jokowi - JK proposes no change in the funding of political parties as factors that led to the political parties in the costs of corruption is politics , " said her .

In addition , Jokowi - JK proposed idea , the election of Police and the Attorney General will be based on quality and integrity as well as strengthen the coordination and supervision functions of the Commission , police , and prosecutors .

Related public services , Prabowo - Hatta proposed savings Indonesian Hajj . The idea was considered interesting because since the first civil society have often suggested this .

" It’s interesting because many civil society driven about Hajj corruption . , But the technical implementation of this pilgrimage questionable savings , " he said .


Al-Qaeda in Yemen rampage, 27 People Killed

At least 27 people were killed , after dozens of al- Qaeda militant rampage by attacking government buildings and military posts at Seyon , Yemen , last night .
Police stations and banks also became the target of radical attack . Local residents said the militants had occupied government buildings overnight , before finally leaving the buildings in the morning .

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Al Qaeda , during the armed attack and often clashed with the Yemeni army . Militants of al - Qaeda is not afraid to act , even though the miter United States ( U.S. ) operations continue to launch drone attacks or drone to their bases .
Local officials said 15 militants arrived by pickup truck from the desert area , outside the area Seyoun . They then brutally attacked local government buildings .
" They want to take the city and control it , " said the Yemeni official who spoke to Reuters on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) , on condition of anonymity , for fear of his life is threatened .
According to the official militants carrying at least 20 bodies of victims . However , he also saw five security forces and two soldiers were killed in the crossfire .


Golkar Holds Plenary Meeting, Bakrie Asked to Explain Step Coalition Gerindra

Golkar Party plenary meeting held behind closed doors at the DPP Golkar Party, Slipi, West Jakarta, Thursday (22/05/2014) night. This meeting will seek clarification related Bakrie step Gerindra party coalition to pivot and support Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa as a presidential candidate. As a result of the move, Golkar failed to get a good position in the presidential and vice presidential elections July 9, 2014.

( read: peternak blackthroat )

"The agenda of my explanation as mandatorily rapimnas. Problems coalition to Prabowo-Hatta it includes," Bakrie said before the start of the meeting.

Bakrie denied the plenary meeting will evaluate the coalition’s decision. Previously, a number of steps against Bakrie Golkar elite coalition with Gerindra shaft. They are more inclined to choose a coalition with PDI-P and supports Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla as the presidential and vice presidential spouse.

"No, just explanations. Guy right when given a good explanation," said Bakrie.


Rotting Corpses Found Encased in Kali Gloves

Gloved male corpse was found rotting in the times in Hamlet Kuajang , District Binuang , Polewali Mandar , West Sulawesi , on Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

The discovery of the bodies of local residents horrendous . Police officers who arrived at the scene immediately the process of identifying the bodies .

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Later known , the corpse is Rashid ( 49 ) , a resident of Hamlet Kuajang origin , District Binuang , Polewali Mandar . ‘s Body was found lying at the foot of the times more than two meters deep , not far from his home .

Men ‘s four children were found wrapped in a sarong . Police officers who had heard the discovery of the bodies immediately went to the location .

The body of Rashid was evacuated residents to his home , before being taken to hospital to undergo an autopsy at the nearest hospital , in order to reveal the exact cause of death of the victim .

Fatimah , wife of Rashid said he last met with him Tuesday . Previously , Rashid was known to take leave of the house to sell his rooster .

Police Chief Binuang , AKP Amirles states , officers received a report that the victim’s death immediately move to the location .

Rashid ‘s death news spread quickly and make local residents excited . In an instant hundreds of residents packed the location of the discovery of the bodies and houses Rashid .


Show in Singapore Corruption, Drive tollywood Sorry Sixties

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong demanded an apology from a blogger whose posts are considered as uploading accuses PM Lee of corruption .

The prime minister’s legal counsel , Davinder Singh , has sent a letter to Roy Ngerng Yi Ling , the name of the blogger , on Sunday ( 18/05/2014 ) . The letter contains a request to revoke Roy diunggahnya well as articles that have the link to the social networking site Facebook .

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Davinder , in his letter , also asked Roy to apologize to Prime Minister Lee at the latest on Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) . Davinder Singh said the corruption allegations contained in the article was uploaded on May 15 was wrong and baseless .

" The article could be interpreted that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and GIC chairman guilty of misusing tax money paid to the people of Singapore CPF ( National Savings Fund ) , " said Davinder .

GIC is an independent agency that manages the wealth of the people of Singapore . GIC coffers now contains at least 100 billion dollars of Singapore’s financial reserves . GIC managed funds will then be used as a retirement community .

Roy Ngerng ( 33 ) , a medical worker , regularly mengnggah related articles critical power of the People ‘s Action Party ( PAP ), which has a very long reign in his blog , The Heart Truths .

Roy uploaded last article calling for transparency in how government invest CPF funds through state investment company GIC and Temasek Holdings .

" I uploaded article calling for greater transparency and accountability . And instead of studying this issue , the prime minister prefers to sue me , " said Roy .

" I am very disappointed and I still talk to a lawyer relevant steps should I take , " added Roy .

In various national polls always ranked top as the country with the lowest corruption .

However , human rights activists often criticize Singapore leaders , including former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew , because silence critics political opponents by making them bankrupt .


Revised Price, Mazda CX-9 Closer to USD 1 billion

Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) started to impose a new price for the SUV, the CX-9, V6, 3.7L.

This step is to adjust the government’s new policy of sales tax hike on Luxury Goods (Sales Tax), at 125 percent capacity petrol engines for cars above 3,000 cc.

"The rise of more than hundreds of millions," said MMI Marketing Manager, Astrid Ariani Wijana, after the inauguration of the new Mazda dealership Cikarang, Wednesday (14/05/2014).

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Last year, the CX-9, which is imported from Japan is priced at U.S. $ 860 million-an, now the official price of Rp 987.4 million.

However, Astrid said, it does not significantly affect the results of the total annual sales of MMI.

"Sales only 5-8 units per month. Indeed, there will be a decline, at least so 4-6 units per month.

Given the volume a little, very easily compensated other models (about the volume), “Astrid closed.


Wayer Arrow War Happening in Manado

The clashes between residents return occurred in Manado and take a toll . One resident at the Village East Mahakeret , Rizky Husuna ( 17 ) , collapsed with two broken arrows Wayer in the ribs and head .

Manado police chief , Sr. Comr Sunarto said it had ordered its officers to immediately arrest the people involved in the brawl . ” I have ordered arrested , ” said Sunarto , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

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From the information gathered , Rizky hit by arrows Wayer of two actors who melesatkan arrows on Monday ( 12/5 / ) around 22:00 pm . One of the known perpetrators named Axel ( 20 ) .

Time of the incident , Rizky being out of the house to eat meatballs , not far from his home . When going home , he was again asked by his friends to buy meatballs . When re- bought meatballs that he collapsed .

A motorcycle driven by Axel and another unidentified passing . From the top of the motor , the two actors cast in the direction of arrows Wayer Rizky . The two arrows in the head and then stuck in parts of his left ribs . Rizky then rushed to the hospital by other people who were at the scene .

Two villages in Mahakeret , namely Mahakeret Mahakeret East and West are often involved in a fight. Sunday ( 11/05/2014 ) night before , clashes also broke out in East Mahakeret . A group of thugs who are not known to have come from nowhere, making a fuss over it . Several homes were subjected to stone throwing and throw darts Wayer .

Police Public Relations Head of Manado , the AKP Johny Kolondam lamented that people in the village did not want to cooperate to combat crime . According to him , people tend to protect the perpetrators of the crime as the police pursue the perpetrators .

Manado Police and his staff actually have a lot of catching perpetrators of criminal acts by the Wayer arrows . Still, people are still using these weapons to attack each other .