5.6 magnitude earthquake rattles Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency has expressed an earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale in the southwest of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, Friday, at 20:33 pm.

Head of Geophysics Station Kotabumi Lampung, Yuharman, said the location of this earthquake was at 9:30 degrees south latitude coordinates (LS) and 110.33 degrees east longitude (BT).

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Earthquake as far as 151 km southwest of Gunung Kidul is the depth of the epicenter at 10 km.


Young Woman Killed in House Lover by Luka Gorok

A young woman named Pure ( 25 ) was found dead with a bloody wound incision in the neck , on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) night . This poor woman died at home lover , PM ( 65 ) in RT 09 RW 07 , Village Cawang Kramat Jati , East Jakarta . The victim was allegedly killed by the AM .

Chairman of RT 09 , Paul , menungkapkan , the victim was first discovered by AN ( 20 ) , which is none other than the adopted son of AM . AN discovered when the victim had just returned to work at around 18:30 .

Paul said , AN found his home state already in a locked state without illumination . ” Her house was a knock on by his son , but there was no answer , ” Paul said , when met at the scene Wednesday night .

Receiving no answer , An had left the house to meet up with the neighbors . Not long after , An returned to the house with the condition of the door is already open . Paul said , An and saw his father , AM , crying .

Seeing the incident , An reported to local residents . ” He said Mr. RT , the ‘father killing ’ . I do not believe . Chairman RW and I call the police , ” said Paul .

After reporting the incident , police officers went to the location Kramat Jati and do if the crime scene . Officers then took the victim’s body to the Police Hospital .

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The An and his adoptive father , directly secured by officers to Mapolsek Kramat Jati for further examination .


Simple Tricks to Lose Weight Without Hassle

Losing weight is like sports membutukan much effort and discipline in limiting food intake . But do not worry , for you are busy and not had time to move out , there is a simple trick that may help you lose weight without a strict diet .

More specifically , you need to do the following , as quoted from Womenshealth , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) .

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1 . Starting drink plenty of water
When you need to drink in between meals. It will make you feel more full and helps prevent overeating .

2 . Choosing non -fat foods at every meal
For example, choose a salad without dressing . It can save 80 calories . Choose fresh fruits also to save calories .

3 . Eating a piece of dark chocolate for dessert
Instead of choosing a cake for dessert , better satisfy your sugar craving with a piece of dark chocolate after a meal . It may not be pretty , but it helps you from excessive sugar consumption .

4 . Diligent control food portions
If you want to lose weight , try to gauge snacks . To make it easier , use a smaller plate to trick your mind and store leftovers promptly .

5 . Moves more
Even if you do not have time to exercise , you can burn extra calories by changing daily habits such as choosing the stairs instead of the escalator or walking rotate through the other entrance at the office to burn your calories .


Jews were shot in the U.S., Three People Killed

Shooting once again took place in the United States . This time it happened at two facilities in the Kansas City Jewish community , killing three people . The incident occurred allegedly motivated by hatred .

Reported by Reuters , the incident occurred on Sunday, April 13, 2014 at the Jewish Community Center and the elderly community in the Village Shalom , Overland Park , Kansas . The shooting occurred at 1 pm local time .

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Offender first came to the Jewish Community Center and opened fire . Two men hit by hot lead . One died on the spot , while the other victim died in hospital . The perpetrator then drive to Village Shalom and shot a woman to death .

Performers are expected to carry a rifle and also pocketed pistol also fired toward some people , but do not hit the target . One of them is a man who claims his car shot glass . Luckily, the bullet is not about her .

" Me and my son was a walk to the Jewish Community Center when we suddenly heard the sound of gunfire . I look to the right and there was a man standing outside the car with a shotgun and there was someone lying on the ground , " said witness , Mike Metclaf , told the Daily Mail .

The perpetrator was a white male and bearded aged about 70 years. The police call the FBI to assist in the investigation . While this alleged motive was hatred or anti- Jewish sentiment .

Overland Park Police Chief John Douglas , refused to provide the identity of the perpetrator . But he said , the perpetrator is not a Kansas resident .

This is the second shooting incident that occurred in April . Previously on April 2 , the shooting occurred at the Fort Hood military base in Texas by a soldier . Four people were killed , including actors named Ivan Lopez, who committed suicide .

President Barack Obama expressed concern over this incident .

" Michelle and I send our condolences and prayers to the families and friends who lost their loved ones and all affected by this tragedy . I have asked my team to keep in touch with local partners , state and federal and providing the necessary support under investigation , "Obama said .


Twitter Add Features Alert on the Web

Twitter has added a notification feature to its web platform. With this notification allows the user receives a pop-up notification on their browser page.

So every time someone tweets retweet, mark as favorite tweets, tweets from other accounts of their reply, send a direct message or to follow, then the user will get a notification on the web page. This feature is similar to Facebook’s notification that has to have it for a long time, as reported by GSMArena.

With this notification even users can instantly send a quick reply pop up through notifkasi.

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Notifications can also be arranged through your account settings, where users can choose which notifications will diaktifkkan for multiple accounts. This feature will be launched for all users in the coming weeks.

then the user will get a notification on the web page. This feature is similar to Facebook’s notification that has to have it for a long time, as reported by GSMArena.


Amazon finally launched smartphones

Amazon plans to announce a smartphone late June. As reported by the Wall Street Journal , reported Phonearena , Saturday ( 04/12/2014 ) This device is not immediately available . The retail giant plans to start selling it in late September .

The report also informs , that Amazon has demonstrated its new smartphone display to an unknown developer , located in Seattle and San Francisco a few weeks ago .

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Mentioned that the handset is equipped with front - rear camera with retina display technology in the form of 3D content , so it can be seen naked eye . It’s not a new thing .


Unfortunately, details about the price of Amazon’s new smartphone is not yet available .

Capabilities range of retail giant can be seen from the sales of the Kindle tablet , significantly in the portable device market . Let’s wait and see what can be done by the Amazon smartphone .

With the resources and worldwide presence , Amazon could upset the big players like Samsung and Apple in the smartphone segment .

Blocked YouTube, Google “scolds” The Turkish government

The Turkish government has blocked YouTube online video sharing site in late March . Garanya , the video contains a voice recording of the Prime Minister of Turkey , Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who asked his son to hide the corruption of money circulating in the video sharing site .

Google , owner of YouTube , can not remain silent against this unilateral blockade . Google decided to file a lawsuit to the Turkish government .

YouTube access blocked by Turkey began Telecommunications Authority ( TTA ) since last March 27 without a clear legal basis . Blocking was done a few hours after the video talks Turkish Prime leaked on the internet .

In addition to blocking YouTube , the Turkish government also blocked access to Twitter users in the country , for the same reasons . The video link widely circulated through social networking 140 characters.

Although the courts have managed to persuade the government to re- open access to Twitter , but the blocking of YouTube website is still in progress . According to Reuters ( 04/04/2014 ) , the prohibition of accessing YouTube site called the court in the capital city of Turkey as a form of human rights violation .

Google has filed a judicial files to the Constitutional Court of Turkey, expressed his objections to the blocking . In addition , Google also requested that the blockade be lifted immediately .

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Not many details that can be delivered by Google on these demands . But sources close to the matter told Engadget ( 04/07/2014 ) I was very disappointed that the Turkish government censorship .

Google may be hoping that the ban be revoked access to YouTube , as what the Turkish government towards the previous Twitter


Explanation Why Signal `Ping` Believed of Black Box MH370

The sound signal ” ping ” of the alleged black box or black box flight re- search team detected Malaysia Airlines MH370 in a sea of ​​the Indian Ocean , south , near Perth , Australia .

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The second signal detector that gives new hope for the search team , family , and international audiences about the existence of a Boeing 777 - 200ER ‘s . Because located not far from the location of the first signal .

China ship Haixun 01 ping sound track first with 37.5 kHz frequency per second which allegedly emitted signal s at point 25 degrees south latitude and 101 degrees east longitude.

The second signal is captured Australia’s Ocean Shield vessels near the site of the first signals that the Chinese ship caught in the Indian Ocean area is 2,000 km from Perth , Australia . The signal was heard at a depth of 4,500 meters .

As reported by CNN on Monday ( 04/07/2014 ) , head of the combined team from Australia MH370 search , Angus Houston explain 4 reasons why the signal ” ping ” is believed to come from the black box MH370 .

First, the frequency of 37.5 kHz per second from signal ” ping ” the captured ship China expressed consistent and equal to the frequency of the black box flight recorders MH370 .

" Two signal search tool from the Australian ship Ocean Shield has detected a signal consistent with a tool mounted in a black box , " said Angus .

Second , Houston said , the detection of two signals in two different places separated about 2 miles an acoustic events at a glance . One signal is sounded about 90 seconds . " It’s a fact that gives hope, " he said .

Third , the signal beam ship caught China and Australia are in an ideal condition , easily recognized , and as a very stable metronome on every second .

Fourth , Inmarsat satellite data - British telecommunications company stating MH370 crashed in the Indian Ocean - shows the aircraft position Haixun 01, which detects the ” ping ” is in the right location .

" Zone of the previous operation is quite close to the Haixun 01 operating locations , " said Houston .

source: http://news. liputan6 .com/

Astronomers Find Farthest Object in the Solar System

Researchers from the Carnegie Institution , Scott Sheppard and Chadwick Trujilo find the farthest object in the solar system called the VP113 . Location VP113 beat Sedna which has been recognized as the farthest object in the inner Oort cloud . In addition to Sedna and VP113 , researchers suspect there are many more objects contained in the scene . (see also: download animasi gratis)

In size astronomical units ( AU ) , the point of the orbit closest to the sun VP113 is equivalent to 80 times the distance of Earth to the star . Rock planets , like Earth , and asteroids are in a position generally between 0.39 to 4.2 AU . While the gas giant planets in the position of 5-30 AU . Kuiper Belt , which contains many frozen objects , including Pluto , is about 30-50 AU from the sun . The edge of the solar system is estimated to lie at a distance of 50 AU . While the position of Sedna distance of about 76 AU .

Sepphard and Trujilo estimates there are about 900 objects have orbits like Sedna and VP 113 . The diameter of the celestial bodies can be more than 1,000 kilometers . The population of the inner Oort cloud could be more than that of the Kuiper Belt and the main asteroid belt .

Sheppard said tracking distant objects that help the understanding of how the solar system formed and evolved . ” Some of the objects in the Oort cloud can exceed the size of Mars and even Earth , ” said Sheppard . ” The problem is , there are many objects located so far away that even the most difficult to detect with current human technology . “

Sheppard and using technology Trujilo Dark Energy Camera ( DECam ) at NOAO telescope with a diameter reaches four meters in Chile . DECam have a greater range of view of the telescope measuring four meters or more . They can search for faint objects in space wider area with the technology .

Sedna and VP113 was found when both are in the closest position of the sun . However, they are believed to have orbits that reach hundreds of AU so it is too difficult to be seen again . Reports about the VP113 was first detected in 2012 in the journal Nature , March 27, 2014 .

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The similarity orbit of Sedna , VP113 and objects at the edge of the Kuiper belt may be caused by the influence of larger objects , which are located in the hundreds of AU . Sheppard and Trujilo said Sedna position and his colleagues in their orbits can not be influenced by objects or planets that are already known to man because it is so far .

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Falcon was chosen birds this year in New Zealand

I have won the laurels in the vote ’ bird of the year ’ the 8th : ( partner of New Zealand F & B) was sponsored by Forest & Bird : ( Karearea local name) New Zealand falcon .

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There is a vote of 10,292 votes this year in this tough vote competition , New Zealand falcon won the 1,261 votes , 965 votes of chopsticks but anyone flying starling , followed in it was 663 votes of Lulu .

Kevin hack well of the advocacy director of F & B says - ” Land falcon species is best suited to the title of ’ bird of the year ’ Nyuji . ” He said. In predators the best “top speed reaches a speed of 230km, along with the capture prey in flight , it is also a very romantic . In courtship , the couple plays a Valley in the air , replace the food in flight , to attack it is to the turning flight gracefully toward the ground and dive you have to imitate . “

Despite the daredevil adventurer in the air , vulnerable to attack predators , New Zealand falcon is listed as an endangered species when nesting on the ground .

According to a recent survey of the Agency for Nature Conservation , that the power to protect the nest is weak adult than had been thought up to now has been suggested . ” New Zealand falcon is nesting on the ground or ledge , but this is easy to be attacked , especially in predator cat , hedgehog , stoat , weasel , such as the opossum .

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I have spent vermin extermination thousands of hours in order to protect the unique species of endangered volunteer of F & B every year , such as in this species .

source:http://www. birdlife-asia .org/